October 5th Sunday

Each car gets a 2 pulls who would like to get there cars on a 4wd dyno $100……. but if your car makes over 500hp its $50 over 1000hp its Free ……….. so who needs there car up on a dyno “Euro VS JDM”. the idea is we all meet up in the moring “braintree Mall” at 9 we will cruse to the dyno, at 10;30 first pull, do pull till all are done and cruse back to braintree

███[][][][][][][][][] BOOST BUILDING
Car that are preregisterd
-Audi B5 S4
-Mitsubishi Evolution 9
- Mini Cooper
-Subaru Wrx Wagon
-Toyota Supra MK4 93
-BMW M4 2015
-Toyota Supra MK4 98
-Mitsubishi Evolution x
-Nissan Skyline r33
-Nissan 240sx SR20
- Nissan 240sx 5.0
-Subaru Wrx Hatch